Cattle Egret Marancherry Kerala 10 March 2018

Few weeks ago, My neighbour brought a cattle egret, to me saying that it is lying idle and was not able to walk or fly. They told me that they gave some water and it became little better. When it was brought to me it was able to walk but not able to fly . I have posted here for help and Adithyan advised glucose water, Manoj advised to give small fish also. With this advice i started to feed with glucose water through syringe and small pieces of fish ,which are kept deep into the throat . We continued this for three days . On third day it regurgitated what we gave but immediately took it again . Then we kept small pieces of fish in a coconut shell and water was provided in one of our bird bath. He started feeding well, almost a medium sized sardine 3 times. It also started trying to fly in the cage itself. We kept the bird for one more week and released to our nearby field after that. Three days after we released the bird i found this bird around our garden feeding on flies around. I also noticed there were injuries over the head most probably from the attack of other egrets. I offered fish in the coconut shell which was gracefully accepted. Now it comes daily morning and evening to our backyard . In the morning we give one medium sized sardine or other fish which we buy at home. Some time it may come with the friends which are not willing to accept our feeds.

When i saw the bird again see the injury on the head

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