14 Reasons Why Human Beings Do Not Belong to Nature’s Ecosystem

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  • Every being in nature is beautiful in its own ways with vibrant colors, sounds and movements. Only we are monotonous in the way we look, sound and move.
  • In nature, it’s the male of almost all species that has been created as beautiful to woo females. Only in humans are women expected to look pretty and get men interested in them.
  • All animals have developed camouflages, either for protection or for hunting their prey. Only we do not have any natural camouflages. Unlike animals, we build camouflages to hide from our own kind. A zebra’s stripes are for camouflaging it from lions and other predators, not from other zebras. The camouflages we create are not tuned to nature which is why we can never use them to hide from animals.
  • All beings in nature have evolved with time. When zebras evolved their stripes and learnt to run in groups to take advantage of the weaker eyesight of lions, lions evolved a stronger sense of smell to track zebras during chases. We haven’t undergone any evolution in our senses and comparatively meager changes to our physical appearance.
  • All beings in nature except us are part of the food chain in the ecosystem. We are not part of the predator-prey relationship in nature. Rather, we have built our own ecosystem which exists in parallel with that of nature.
  • All animals stop eating food when they are sick. They use all their body resources to fight off the disease so it does not make any sense to burden the body further with digestion of food. Only we need external nourishment from food when we are sick. When an animal falls sick, it isolates itself from its group so that the disease does not spread to its family and flock. We, on the other hand seek caring and attention when we are sick which in turn spreads the disease to the people around us.
  • The predator-prey relationship ensures that no genetic diseases exist in nature. Moreover, all animals ensure that only their most healthy offspring survives. Weak and injured offspring are either ignored and starved to death or devoured by their parents themselves. Though brutal for the emotional humans, we are afflicted by many diseases such as diabetes and life threatening diseases such as heart ailments because we have allowed defective genes to be passed on through successive generations.
  • No animal gets afflicted with the diseases that we do. Back pain, cancer and most human afflictions are non-existent in nature. The moment we stand up on our two feet, we go against gravity and become candidates for spinal diseases. All animals have their body fine tuned to gravity. Cancer has been found to be caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B12. Most urban people are suffering from diseases due to Vitamin D deficiency. No animal suffers from any Vitamin deficiency based diseases.
  • There is nothing unique about us that any being in nature can learn and use for its own benefits. Animals have nothing to learn from us that will help them survive in nature. Rather, we have constantly observed and learned from animals and nature for our growth and evolution. Even martial art forms such as Kung Fu have been developed by observing the movements of Cranes, Snakes and Tigers among other animals.
  • Animals have evolved according to their habitat to protect themselves from the forces of nature. Polar bears have developed a black hide beneath their thick white hair. The hide conserves the heat produced from body fat and prevents it from radiating outward. Similarly all animals have developed their own means of self protection. We do have any natural means of protection. Only we need clothes and other external methods to protect ourselves from nature.
  • All animals consistently follow the principle of Survival of the Fittest. They have the inherent ability to understand which among their children are healthy and can procreate successfully when they grow up. The rest have to die. That’s why some birds push their chicks out of the nests when they are old enough to fly. The ones that cannot fly are supposed to fall down and die.
  • In Indian folklore, the legendary poet Kalidasa was an illiterate woodcutter in his younger days and he was once found cutting the same branch of a tree on which he was sitting. This is exactly what we are doing with nature. We are destroying nature to build our settlements and society, the same nature that sustains and nourishes us. No animal displays this behavior. They use what is available in nature and adapt to changes in nature for their survival and existence. No being in nature has been given the ability to destroy the very environment it is part of.
  • Animal senses are all attuned to nature and our planet. They sense geological changes such as natural disasters in advance and move to safer places. Only we do not have the ability to sense changes in nature.
  • Every animal in nature has a particular season or time when it procreates and that is the only time it becomes sexually active and mates. Only we do not have any mating seasons. This is one reason for the explosion in human population. The concept of birth control and contraceptives does not exist in nature.

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