Summary on Kole Bird Count 2018

Summary on Kole Bird Count 2018


As part of the Asian Waterbird Count-2018, the water bird count at the Kole Wetlands – a Ramsar site and an Important Bird Area, was held on 7 January 2018. This is the 28th year of organised bird count at Kole Wetlands. The whole data on the AWC 2018 has been uploaded into the eBird under the account “awckerala” and the summary below is generated from the eBird (

A total of 29,805 birds in 77 wetland depended species were counted this year. This is about 18,507 individual birds lesser than the previous year’s count in 2017, when 48,312 birds were counted in 74 sp. Fewer numbers were recorded on the ducks, cormorants and egrets/herons. The detailed count statistics on the birds of the Kole Wetlands, in comparison with the last couple of years count is given in Table 1.

The total wetland dependant birds countedfrom Kole Wetlands in 2015 was 55144, while in 2016 was only 31781. The count was done in 11 base camps in Kole Wetlands such as Adat, Enamav, Palakkal, Thommana, Mulloorkayal, Manakodi, Pullazhi, BiyyamKayal, Uppungal I &UppungalII and Marancherry.

About 170 birdwatchers participated in the count, and the teams were led by some of the acebirders in the State such as Dileep KG, Raju S, Jayachandran ES, Shino Jacob, Premchand R, Vishnu Kartha, Manoj Karingamadathil, Anith Anilkumar, Vivek Chandran, Praveen ES, Raveendran KC, Mukundan K, Jamaludheen, Latha Prabhakaran, Mathews BA, Jishnu K Kizhakkillam, Krishnakumar Iyer, Sreekumar Govindankutty, Sunil Jaleel, Pushap CR, Greeshma Paleri, Arun Bhaskaran, Mathew Thekkethala, Nesrudheen, Prasanth Sachindranath, Arun George, Dr.Adil Nafar A, Regin George, Sreekumar ER, Syamlil MS et al.

Kole Survey 2018

The survey was jointly organized by the Kerala State Forest Department, KAU & KoleBirders, with excellent support from NGOs across the State such as Alapuzha Natural History Society (ANHS), Birders Ezhupunna, Chilla Nature Club_KAU, Cochin Natural History Society(CNHS), Kasargode Birders, Kerala Birders, Kidoor Birders, Kottayam Nature Society (KNS), MNHS (Malabar Natural History Society), Malappuram Birders, Indian Bird Conservation Network, Bird Count India and the Centre for Wildlife Studies, College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University (KAU).

The seminar on the Wetland Conservation held on the 6 Jan 2018 was inaugurated by Dr. Indira Devi, Director of Research, KAU, and was presided over by Dr. K Vidyasagaran, the Dean of College of Forestry, KAU. Many scientists and officials from the KAU as well as KFD also did attend the meet. The survey was flagged off by Dr.PatilSuyogSubhashrao IFS, the DFO, Thrissur FD.


AWC State coordinator

Table 1. The waterbird count from the Kole Wetlands, 2015 to 2018

Species2015201620172018Count Difference between 2018-17
1.        Little Grebe  Tachybaptusruficollis191910516-89
2.        Indian Shag  Phalacrocoraxfuscicollis603325843943100
3.        Little Cormorant Phalacrocoraxniger3648200947512274-2477
Great Cormorant  Phalacrocoraxcarbo215000
4.        Oriental Darter  Anhinga melanogaster346105139120-19
UI Cormorants5272765973535-438
Spot-billed Pelican103-3
5.        Yellow BitternIxobrychussinensis0271-6
Cinnamon BitternIxobrychuscinnamomeus201-1
Black Bittern  Ixobrychusflavicollis200
Eurasian Bittern Botaurusstellaris000
6.        Little Green  Heron Butoridesstriatus12110
7.        Black Crowned NightHeronNycticoraxnycticorax475426-36
8.        Indian Pond Heron  Ardeolagrayii240212037311110379
9.        Cattle Egret  Bubulcus ibis59412741304926-378
10.     Western Reef Egret Egrettagularis24101010
11.     Little Egret Egrettagarzetta2586238037431058-2685
12.     Intermediate Egret  Egrettaintermedia39911717971100433
13.     Great Egret  Egretta  alba158436337740831
14.     Purple Heron  Ardeapurpurea197107839512
15.     Grey Heron Ardeacinerea266576558-7
16.     Unidentified egrets65653818271840251307
17.     Asian OpenbillAnastomusoscitans93873587249162
18.     Wooly-necked (White-necked) Stork Ciconiaepiscopus102385843-15
19.     Painted Stork Mycterialeucocephala313329606536-70
20.     European White Stork  Ciconiaciconia3132-1
21.     Black-headed (White) Ibis Threskiomismelanocephalus679105377142-235
22.     Gl ossy Ibis Plegadisfalcinellus4751098520841099
23.     Spoonbill205016-34
24.     Greater FlamingoPhoenicopterusroseus000
25.     Lesser Whistling Duck (Lesser Tree Duck) Dendrocygnajavanica8961358361140-221
26.     Indian Cotton Teal  Nettapuscoromandelianus46486119887-111
27.     Spot-billed Duck   Anaspoecilorhyncha7912257198-473
28.     Northern Pintail   Anasacuta773010232600772-1828
29.     GarganeyAnasquerquedula13072187127503799-8951
30.     Comb DuckSarkidiornismelanotos1033
31.     Common Teal   Anascrecca005020-30
32.     Northern ShovelerAnasclypeata00209-11
33.     Unidentified ducks20028432751880-1395
34.     White-breasted WaterhenAmaurornisphoenicurus734161643
35.     Ruddy-breasted Crake Porzanafusca1051-4
Baillon’s Crake  Porzanapusilla002-2
Slaty-breasted Rail Gallirallusstriatus000
36.     WatercockGalliralluscinerea2263-3
37.     Moorhen  Gallinulachloropus32385
38.     Purple SwamphenPorphyrioporphyrio334255302738277638
39.     Common Coot Fulicaatra538760253-549
40.     Pheasant-tailed Jacana Hydrophasianuschirurgus13433815569-86
41.     Bronze-winged Jacana Metopidiusindicus350456162142-20
42.     Black-winged Stilt  Himantopushimantopus311010551-54
Oriental PratincoleGlareolamaldivarum000
43.     Little PratincoleGlareolalactea30048050150100
44.     Red-wattled Lapwing Vanellusindicus159899816567
Yellow-wattled Lapwing  Vanellusmalarbaricus000
Grey-headed Lapwing Vanelluscinereus103-3
45.     Little-ringed Plover Charadriusdubius37511322153-168
46.     Pacific Golden Plover Pluvialisfulva2519215332
Grey Plover Puvialissquatarola000
UI Plover7272
47.     Kentish Plover Charadriusalexandrinus102424
48.     Lesser SandploverCharadriusmongolus0044
Greater SandploverCharadriusleschenaultii000
Unidentified Charadrius Plovers000
49.     Eurasian Curlew Numeniusarguata008-8
Redshank Tringatotanus000
Spotted Redshank Tringaerythropus000
50.     Marsh Sandpiper Tringastagnatilis30201017-94
51.     Greenshank Tringanebularia164111545-70
52.     Green Sandpiper Tringaochropus954123119
53.     Wood Sandpiper Tringaglareola776105821281352-776
54.     Tringa sp.1010
55.     Common Sandpiper Actitishypoleucos474417280-92
Dunlin Calidrisalpina000
Sanderling Calidris alba000
56.     Little Stint Calidrisminuta1101202100435-969
57.     Temminck’s Stint Calidristemminckii3007396
Curlew SandpiperCalidrisferruginea0010-10
Ruff Philomachuspugnax0015-15
Peep sp170170
58.     Common Snipe Gallinagogallingo10363
Pintail Snipe Gallinagostenura052-2
snipe sp33
59.     Black-tailed Godwit338132-206
60.     Godwit sp3636
Broad-billed sandpiper Limicolafalcinellus000
61.     Greater Painted Snipe11
Unidentified  Shorebirds50101114-114
62.     Slender-billed Gull11
Great Black-headed (Palla’s) Gull     Larusichthyaetus000
63.     Black-headed Gull  Larusridibundus0937676
64.     Brown-headed Gull Larusbrunnicephalus0011
65.     Lesser  Black-backed Gull6060
66.     Gull sp.165165
67.     Whiskered Tern  Childoniashybridus344317369831102119
Gull-billed TernGelochilidonnilotica02012-12
68.     River Tern   Sterna aurantia5239514-81
69.     Little Tern  Sterna  albifrons3262525
Little/Saunder Tern66
tern sp.5050
70.     Indian Spotted Eagle11
71.     Greater Spotted Eagle44
72.     Black Kite2020
73.     Brahminy Kite H.indus89746512156
74.     Osprey     P.haliaetus20484
75.     Booted Eagle  H.pennatus01671
76.     Marsh Harrier  C.aeruginosus8480426523
77.     Pallid Harrier  C.macrourus0011
Harrier sp33
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