Photography Workshop 25 May 2024

Venue-Chetana Media Institute

To click a photo is a thing but to click knowing the technicalities and photography technology is something altogether different. From the bygone daguerreotype photography to the latest AI integrated captures world has gone a long way ahead.Kole birders took it upon themselves to help lay a basic foundation of photography for its members,interested birders,amateur photography enthusiasts and students.None other than our accomplished photographer..also our Kole group member Mr Joseph Lazar,who has been in the field for around 35yrs was deemed fit for the job.Adept with the techniques,having witnessed the dynamicity of the photoing avenue …a down to earth person..a passionate dreamer-Mr Lazar was more than happy to comply.Preparatory meetings,online propaganda,online registrations,venue checks-kole birders with division of labour materialized the workshop on the backdrop of a not-so favorable climate with pre-monsoon showers peeping in every now and then!!The D day culminated in learning -unlearning-relearning “photography “.A single day falls short by common sense to learn the art ,but was enough to get an insight,to instill further interest and sweep the delegates to follow the trail.With the not-so bad registration of 33(including 2 spot ones)and 6 volunteers we were -different age groups and different professions-merged into an enthusiastic bunch of students.The session started unofficially with Mr Joseph pitching in with history of photography and moving onto the 6 image controls which was the crux of the conclave.The morning session complexities of Focus,Lens,Aperture got a break with a chai session.Meanwhile Fr Benny stopped by to talk to us about Chetana Media Institute(the venue)which Sir is mentoring.Back to the rest of the image controls- Shutter,Sensitivity and White balancing-which was completed after lunch break.The session left us on nails wondering about the BTS of various clicks especially nebula,polar star and circle..We were lucky enough for the photo walk as the rains gave a break.A group photo session and a hands on camera experience for the 1st timers and beginners took place in the Sahithya academy premises.The session concluded with distribution of participation certificates, feedbacks,thanksgiving and Mr Manoj K coordinator,Kole birder group talking on behalf of us. Mr Joseph promised continued support in the form of doubt clearance aid and boost for further sessions.

Free clicks and free spirit…
Great going team Kole birders..👍👍

Dr Dhanya Sreejith
Kole birders collective

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