5th ANNIVERSARY of being a birdwatcher.

5th ANNIVERSARY of being a birdwatcher.

5th ANNIVERSARY of being a birdwatcher. 🐦🦅🐘🐆🐍🦗🌿🍂 #turnback

Entering the field of birdwatching was undoubtedly a great experience. Travelling to different places, meeting new people & the veterans, having lot many adventures, breathtaking sceneries & memories.
I’m so proud to have got opportunities to interact with elders as well as small school children. It was kind of awkward for a 13 year old girl to handle a session on birds for the forest officials. That was one of my earliest experiences of giving a class on birds.

Talking about the nature camps and surveys, I could say that those were the days which gave me the best memories which are both beautiful & haunting at the same time. The stay and days in forest, in a quite & calm place where there is no hustle & bustle but the sweet melodies of birds, is something you got to experience by yourself. But there had been instances where we had 4 days stay inside the forest without signal coverage, me being the single female member and no contact with parents. There had been times when we had a close shave escape from elephants, a pack of wild dogs blocking our trek path, a big cat hunt going on nearby which we couldn’t see but only hear etc. But in the end, there was always something exciting for us as cherry on the cake.

“Nature never disappoints you, in fact it rewards you”, it’s something that I’ve heard from most of my seniors when I get disappointed for not seeing a bird which is on my bucket list. But believe me! 13 Malabar Pied Hornbills on my very backyard on Oct 2 i.e. World Animal Day! What more needed to prove it right?

As for a birdwatcher, those times gave me a lot many lessons and experience, and as a teenager, I understood and started loving nature deeper. Nothing of these would have been possible without this hobby of mine. And it’s not something everyone gets to experience even if they wish so much for it. This fact makes all those memories a real treasure for me. Feeling proud to have become a birdwatcher.

All cheers to my awesome parents, who are the best & most supportive, without whom I can’t even dream of it!😘

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