Defective Birds

Defective Birds

Ponnani Beach, 23 February 2018

right leg is defective

Ayalakkad, 21 February 2018

Swelling in left foot

Uppungalkadavu, 17 February 2018

See the swelling in right foot

Ponnani Harbour, 4 February 2018

legs are defective

Kazhimbram Beach, 6 January 2018

Both legs are defective

Malampuzha, 25 December 2017

Left leg is missing and right leg is also having some lesions

Uppungalkadavu Kole, 12 December 2017

right leg is defective

Ponnani, 26 November 2017

right leg is defective

Adat Kole, 5 November 2017

defective left leg

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