Kerala Heronry Survey 2019

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1. Open Heronry google form (see link below) in any mobile browser
2. Start an eBird checklist on the app choosing ‘Location from Map’ with ‘Tracks’ on.
3. Fill heronry form by counting nests tree by tree. Use ‘add more tree’ to go to next tree.
4. After nest count, list ALL bird species and numbers in eBird app as a regular birding checklist.
5. Submit the eBird complete checklist – protocol should be traveling or stationary.
6. Go to Checklists/Submitted tab in eBird App, open this checklist in EBIRD.ORG. Copy the checklist link.
7. Paste the eBird checklist link in heronry form.
8. Submit the form by adding other details of heronry.

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