GBBC BirdWalk at Palakkal Kole

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Cover Image – Pushpa CR

Nest Foundation Nedupuzha and Kole Birders organized a Bird Walk apart of Great Backyard Bird Count in 17 February 2019 in Palaakkal Kole. Students actively participate in GBBC. Around 40+ species were identified and 15min checklists uploaded in eBird. Subin K.S., Ajith Johnson, Siji P.K , Alaganada C.R. lead the bird walk. Nearly 15 students participated in the program. Ozhukanam Puzhakal Campaign also Joined the efforts and future actives in planning.

Team GBBC Palakkal Kole Bird Walk
Wild Ducks at Palakkal Kole
പവിഴക്കാലി [Black-winged stilt]
Bird Watching at Palakkal Bund Road
ചെറിയ മീൻകൊത്തി [Common Kingfisher]
Subin KS Leads the BirdWalk
Selfie Time
Event Poster

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