Flood Level Community Mapping Workshop Thrissur

Flood Mapping Workshop by Kole Birders happend on 28 Aug 2018. 15+ Peoples participated. Investigated satlite images from various sources and other data sources. Planed a filed level data collection to in various LSG’s of Thrissur district. Fixed the data collection format.


  1. Abdul Gafoor
  2. Joseph Chittilappilly
  3. Aravindan C
  4. Rithwik Razakh
  5. Chithrabhanu Pakaravoor
  6. Leslie Augustine
  7. Illias KP
  8. Rohith
  9. Manoj Karingamadathil
  10. Ajith Kumar
  11. Madhu (IIT Mumbai)
  12. Sridhar Radhakrishnan
  13. Usha Soolapani
  14. Rajesh Krishna
  15. Arun A M

Thanks Chithrabhanu and iConnut for hosting the event.

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